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Businesses Investing in Growth


Businesses, international and local, can grow business in Vietnam by investing and working together.

Critical Operating Issues in Vietnam today:

  • Local firms often lack the managerial, knowledge, background or experience to provide international standard products or services
  • International firms have neither the independent resources or experience to do all the training necessary to help local firms achieve requisite standards.
  • Local Government intervention is unlikely to satisfactorily address this issue in the near future.


    • Continued low quality, low reliability; high frustration
    • No or slow growth
    • No or low profits for everyone

The Answer: Businesses Investing in Growth

An initiative by Businesses for Businesses


The Means:

  • International businesses and business Groups can invest in co-funding training courses for key managers of their suppliers and distributors who have never had the opportunity to learn critical business skills.
  • Participating Local Businesses will co-invest (matching funds) for interested participants.
  • Participants and participant companies will be certified "Preferred suppliers or distributors" following successful completion.


The Benefits:

International businesses Local businesses

-Improved quality/operations -Improved quality/operations

-Improved partnerships -Improved partnerships

-PR/good-will dividends -PR/Good will dividends

-Greater Profits -Greater Profits

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The Program:

A world class combination of courses, drawing from the best International materials on SME training and adapting them for the Vietnamese environment. The courses were developed jointly by the National Economics University Business School and the MPDF( an IFC . They include:

  • Marketing/customer service
  • General/HR Management
  • MIS/Business informatics
  • Accounting/finance
  • Operations Management
  • E-commerce

The Schedule:

  • Courses delivered at night; 4 nights/week, 3 weeks/module, or on a custom delivered basis
  • Attendance and performance measured and reported
  • Certification delivered on successful completion


The Cost:

Total Cost: $76/participant/ 12 classes, 3 week module (all materials incl.)

1/2 $38 - International sponsor

1/2 $38 Local participating companies

About the National Economics University(NEU)

Small and Medium Enterprise Program

-Get text from NEU Business Brochure-

  • Operating for almost 5 years
  • Founded on a 7 year grant from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
  • Co-supported as lead institution by the Mekong Project Development Fund, an IFC coordinated fund, created to promote SME growth in Vietnam
  • Has already trained literally hundreds of SME and International managers
  • Have over forty specially trained SME trainers, who in addition to having MBAs and years of teaching experience, have all completed a 3 month course on the specific training techniques and needs of SMEs.





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