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NEU Business School:

Private Sector/SME Development Projects

Following is a variety of projects currently underway at the NEU Business School (capability statement attached). These projects are at various stages of conception, design, pilot or implementation. Each has been partially supported to its current stage, but requires additional support and partnership for further development, roll-out, expansion and completion.

  • SME Development

- Youth in Enterprise

- Women in Business

- "Growing SME" Training programs and consulting

- E-Commerce for Vietnamese SME’s

- On-line training for SME managers


  • Export promotion for SME’s
  • Urban and rural business incubators
  • Training Bank managers on SME lending
  • Training SME managers about working with banks
  • Training project and NGO managers in strategic management, project management, entrepreneurship, and other functional areas
  • Rural Development

- Training trainers for rural project planning, general management, resource management, managing change, alternative income schemes etc.

- Conducting capacity building workshops and consultancy skills at the commune, district and provincial levels.

- Developing on-line training and fora for provincial and district level officials and organizations.

  • Gender Development

- Women in Business Programs

- Training women trainers

- Diversity training for traditional managers

- Vietnamese Woman Online(VMO)

  • Technology Skill development
  • Computers as a management tool (project planning, finance, accounting, data base management
  • The Internet as a communications and development tool
  • Computer Based training as a development tool
  • Why the NEU Business School ?


The NEU Business School is a uniquely positioned for SME/private sector development as it:

  • has a demonstrated track record of achievement in this area
  • develops professional management skills and practices and for public sector managers;
  • offers one of the largest concentrations and capacity of intellectual capital and human resource in Vietnam today;
  • provides long term local capacity and institutional memory for the long term sustainability and growth of development projects.
  • fits with the modern role of a Business School as an agency for long term private sector development.

The NEU Business School SME Development Unit, in conjunction with Durham University Business School (DUBS) Small Business Centre and MPDF, is committed to establishing and growing a sustainable centre for SME training, consulting, development and growth.

We provide excellent training & consulting services

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